I am not really a distant person, where I do not you people and they do not know me. It is difficult to have a passion for the nameless, faceless people out there. If others have it, I am glad, nut I like the here and now. A place where I can walk and where I can see the need around me. Here in the society where I live.

* where the cry of distress can be heard

* where you can see the hunger in people’s eyes

* where a drunk man walks on the sideways in the morning and his bottle falls on the ground and he bend crying over his loss

* where the taxi's ride with the over-loud music

* where the roads get still in the afternoons and the streets are filled with waist

* where I hear the cursing of our Lords Name

* where the homeless try to find shelter for the night on stoops and benches

* where the unsaved walks pass you , not even knowing that they have not met the Lord

The occasional speaker Louis Malherbe was the first to use these words "where the tires hits the tar" And this is exactly where God wants us to be the salt and light for our community. Not only in a meeting, or at church, but there where people need us. There where the ordinary person tries to make a life.

What will it help us before God if we organize massive gospel gatherings (I have nothing against it, the bigger the better) but at home in our town nobody makes a difference:

* to help the needy

* to preach the gospel here in our town

* to feed the hungry on the streets with bread and soup

* to help and try stop violence by riding through the town praying

* to help and correct injustices in our community

So maybe you say, well it's the others job to do that...? "But you.... what do you do to help there where the tires hits the tar? (Mat 6:3 - " But when you give money, let not your left hand see what your right hand does)


Lord, there where I am going to walk today, my path will cross that of other people. Let me leave them behind better than when I have met them...Amen!