Malachi 1:6 - "A son gives honour to his father."

Ephesians 6:2 - " Give honour to your father and mother (which is the first rule having a reward)"

(Somebody wrote to me the following letter in connection with her parents)

This I remember about my parents:

Their extreme trust in the Upper Hand. Their standing together in difficult times. Yes was yes, and no was no. Their words was sprinkled with salt, and many came to them to feel the peaceful vibe that there was between them!.

His one son died at the age of 12 and the other one died at the age of 50.

I remember the preacher's words on my dad's funeral. "Uncle D was a poor man, but died as a rich man" Yes, his soul was rich cause he gathered there where moths and rust could not destroy. The church was not big enough for all his friends.

Hectares of ground supplied vegetables, and my father never wanted money. If I take it in the terms that we live in today he would have been very rich. Never did I hear my mother moan in bad times. She always helped others cheerfully.

I remember an uncle that lived near us was very rich and there were always fights about the ground and farm distributions. But a few days before he died he wanted one person next to his bed and that was my mother. She just needed to held his hand, he could not find peace over his riches.


Lord, the value of God-fearing parents is indescribable. Help every parent to be that example for their children. To raise their children in Your Name...Amen!