Everyone of us can listen when the "big guys" talk. They have made it far in life. We can surely learn something from them. One get quotes from the elder legends and even from the younger Idols of life. They will say what they held on to while they were climbing the steps to fame. Like a lot of other people I also save some of the sayings that they have made in the careers. 

Once they had a talk on the radio with a actress and songwriter (A.S) The lady said that everything she hears, taste and smell she put into her writing work. This lady that is a great theatre actress and one of our top ones in SA also have a message for us as believers in Christ. She says that everything she hears, taste or smell she must take to the Lord and ask:

* Lord, what do You want to say to me through this?

* Is there a message for me in this?

* Teach me from out my experience world

* Swing it for me spiritually

* Remind me of something out of Your Word

* What lesson is there for me?

* What agreement and likeness is there for me in regards to Your Kingdom?

If you can master this art, life would be a Godly experience. Other than Jesus prophetic reasons, He spoke out of experience and perceive. Not one of His reasons was from a book or papers. Jesus was the greatest prophet ever.

How precious if your whole life is Christ, and of Christ becomes your whole life.

Phil 1:21 - " For to me life is Christ and death is profit."


Wonderful Lord, I want to be constantly connected to You. In everything I want to see and experience Your greatness ...Amen!