Luke 1:37 - "  For there is nothing which God is not able to do."

If you ever felt dispirited or if you are feeling it now, take a look again at the man at the bath of Bathsheba. John 5:1-15

If there is anyone who never gave up trying it was him. For 38 years he tried to crawl, roll, sit and lay. He never stopped trying. (he had nothing else to do you would say)  And he kept on trying. But think about it. For 38 years he tried to get into the bath first. Cause when the angel stirred the water, the first one to get into it was healed. But he had two disadvantages. First he was lame, and second he had no one to help him into the bath.

I tried to work out how many non successful attempts he must of had. I means that I had to multiply 365 times 38 which gives us 13 870 days, then you have the leap years. This means those years divided by 4 which gives you 9.5, and then the total is 13 879 days that was not successful.

Just think about this man:

* changes are good that you did not struggle with failure after failure for 38 years?

* changes are good that you did not tried for 13 879 days without end?

Its not bad to think, well I have nothing better to do so try again for as long as it takes.

But then, Jesus turned up, He walked by! His Footsteps most probably went pass all the others, and came to a half at that man. Ah, today something is going to happen, and the 38 years of struggle is in the past!

Two short verses:

* John 5:8 - " Jesus said to him, Get up, take your bed and go."

* John 5:9 - "  And the man became well straight away, and took up his bed and went."


Lord, I will not give up! With faith in my heart working through Your Word, I trust you now with immediate outcome...Amen!!!