Luke 1:37 - "For there is nothing which God is not able to do."

A friend of mine and I went to take some photos of birds one Monday morning on a farm. There is a big dam with a lot of water birds. The grass is dry and one struggle to see the road. And the next moment the left wheel fell into a hole. I tried to get out but with no success. When I got out I saw the chassis of the car was on the sand. The hole was deep that the wheel fell into and it had no grip.

The previous time we got stuck I said we were stuck 200%. But this time it was even worse. I took a spanner and tried to shuffle some of the clay away under the chassis, but with no success.

I was praying by myself when I got a plan. And it came from the Holy Spirit. I took the jack from the boot and lifted the left wheel up. My friend found a flat stone and shafted it in underneath the wheel.

I have put the car in rear gear and gave a lot of gas on the petrol pedal ... and out we were. And out loud I said: "There is nothing like a cul de sac for a child of God if He is with them"

Moses and the Israelite's were standing in front of the Red Sea. Behind them was the Egyptian army. They thought it was over for them. But then God came to their rescue. God opened up the Red Sea and the almost 6 million Israelite's went through on dry ground. 

Heb. 11:29 - "By faith they went through the Red Sea as if it had been dry land, though the Egyptians were overcome by the water when they made an attempt to do the same."

Isn't it wonderful to be a child of God!


Lord my God, please save me from this apparent cul de sac that I am in.... Amen!!!